Planting the Seeds of Soulful Success
A Gathering of Women to Celebrate Spring

Tele-retreat, March 21 @ Noon ET

The call was beautiful and powerful.  Join our Solstice Circle to access the recording and bonuses. (see below)


Dear Awesome Woman,

Are you longing for time to renew your energy and connect with your inner wisdom?

Did you enjoy the winter of creative thought and now wish to nurture these ideas with love and light?

Do you wish to be clearly in your power as you plant the seeds of what you are creating?

Do you want time for simple practice of meditation and mindfulness?

Do you love the energy of connecting with women of like-heart and spirit?

 Do you deserve time to slow down, breathe, and reconnect with you and your best Self?

If the answer is, “Yes,”, I invite you to join me for this quarterly celebration of natural wisdom and mother earth.

The Spring Equinox brings us a time when the day and night are equal. Gather as we celebrate the season of spring, the energy of the wood element, and align with the light and balancing energy.

Spring is a season lead by yang energy. During our call we will call upon meditation, affirmation and ancient wisdom to balance yin and yang energies.

Spring brings the wisdom and energy of:

  • Birth and creativity
  • Yang energy that shows up to balance the yin winter energy
  • Strength and flexibility, being like bamboo
  • Nurturing your inner wisdom and connecting with your leader self
  • Patience to balance the call to be driven and create

What the 90-minute Mini-Reteat Includes:

  • Sharing the ancient wisdom about the Spring Equinox and what it means to you, your energy and your connection to your inner wisdom.
  • Guided meditation to bring the best of the season and the wood element to you and your spirit.
  • Sharing in the circle of awesome women who show up to the call.

Give yourself the gift of retreat for this 90-minute tele-gathering.

The seasonal celebration calls are my gift to you and your transformation.  If you wish to receive mp3 downloads of each call and an invitation to our private online community there is a small cost.

Phone-iconJG(57x100) Live Calls

- Four (4) seasonal, 90-minute virtual retreats by phone [Spring Equinox, Summer Solstice, Autumn Equinox, Winter Solstice]



Listen--Icon-JG-(82x100) Recordings of live calls - link sent by email within 24-48 hours of each call


read--Icon-JG-(81x100)  Field Guides - PDF downloads with tips and practices to deepen your retreat practice


Private Online Community - Doors open on or before April 2013. Bonus - included in Solstice Circle package price. Price for community goes up after Summer Solstice, June 20.


Special Price

- Price goes up after Summer Solstice, June 20.

- Wisdom Circle member gift



(My Gift to Wisdom Circle Members) Check your email, with subject [Wisdom Circle Member] for the invite and link to receive the call-in info Not a member, JOIN OUR CIRCLE click here to join
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