Slow Down to Speed Up Your Success

Do you notice that sometimes your mind is racing so quickly and your are so busy doing that you actually get stuck and cannot plan or create?  Is it time to retreat from the busy and slow down to speed up your success? Ever considered that a mere 10 minutes of meditation is all you need?

You do not have to be a monk, know Nirvana, or keep perfectly still.  Simply slowing down, taking a breath, and being present is often the best way to access your creativity and speed up your success.  Planning this for a mere 10 minutes each day is all it takes to focus, create, and be your best.  Next time you are creating a business plan, make sure to plan in these 10 minutes of meditation.

Want a bit more perspective on the power of this plan?  Enjoy this Ted Talk and video, by Andy Puddicombe “All It Takes Is 10 Mindful MInutes


Looking for tools to help you slow down and be more peaceful and successful?  Join our Wisdom Circle or take it up a notch and give yourself access to these tools for a whole year in our Retreat Muse Studio Imagine 365 days of 24/7 access to resources for meditation and virtual retreat in your space at your pace … and a community to support you in this practice.



  • Gena Livings

    This is such an important message!
    My quiet time is so very important to me and I cherish it and consider it sacred.

    I like how you say; “just take 10 minutes each” day because in reality, that’s all it takes!

    So many people think that if they cannot take an hour of quiet time then they just won’t take any time at all and that is missing the entire point. any amount of quiet time is “valuable” quiet time!

    Thanks for your message!
    Gena Livings – Healthy Living

    • Karen

      Thanks for your visit to my blog, Gena. So glad you get it. All about ease versus struggle. Wishing you peace in your success (Congrats on your book) :-)

  • Maggie Green

    Thank you, Karen for this reminder. I usually start my day by doing this, but find that after lunch is another great time for me to take 10 minutes to see where I am and refocus for the afternoon. If the weather is nice, I use this time to get out and take a short, quiet walk away from the computer, phone, and smart devices.

    • Karen

      Maggie, kudos to you for having your daily practice. Love that you practice twice a day – and that you know to disconnect to connect in nature. Thanks for visiting and sharing your practice. :-) (and best to you with your Cookbook camp)

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